100% Money-Back Guarantee

Shop with Confidence on SonicSeats

We’re very selective about the inventory we allow to be listed on SonicSeats. Tickets are real-time and ready to be shipped, and sellers are vetted so only the most reliable are included in our marketplace. On top of that, we stand behind you 100% with our money-back guarantee. So breathe easy and enjoy your event knowing that we’re here to make sure you have the amazing experience you deserve.

SonicSeats guarantees that:

Your tickets will be legitimate and valid for entry at the event.

All tickets sold on SonicSeats are authentic tickets valid for entry to the specified event. Please contact us if you have trouble gaining entry to the event.

In the unlikely instance of being denied entry, you will need a written letter from the venue on its letterhead or an email identifiable from the venue verifying that there was a problem scanning your tickets. We require this verified proof to secure your 100% refund from the seller who supplied your tickets. (Written or stamped "voids" on tickets do not qualify as verified proof.)

Your tickets will be delivered in time for the event.

Tickets on SonicSeats are real-time and ready to be shipped so we can get them into your hands fast. Regardless of the delivery method on your order, your tickets will arrive in time for the event or we will refund you 100%.

You will receive a 100% refund if your event is permanently cancelled.

If your event is cancelled and not rescheduled, we will coordinate your 100% refund with the ticket seller. In some cases, you may need to return the tickets before a refund will be issued.