Cirque du Soleil Brings A Variety Of Shows Across North America

The world’s largest entertainment leaders, Cirque du Soleil are traveling throughout North America this year showcasing a wide variety of performances. Since the 1980s this Canadian group of theatrical artists have helped define contemporary circus performances. Each show combines digital technology, live vocalists, digital soundboards, timed stage lighting and hydraulics to replace stagehands.

It is said that every Cirque du Soleil performance inspires daydreaming and creative visions. Cirque du Soleil currently is performing eight different shows that tell epic, imaginative stories. Depending on the city, audiences may attend: Luzia, Corteo, Amaluna, Zumanity, O, Volta, Ka or Crystal

Luzia takes place in a dream-like state in an imaginary Mexico setting. Corteo is a festive celebration of the life of a clown. Amaluna is a love story that takes place on a mysterious Island ruled by goddesses. Zumanity takes place in a burlesque cabaret setting exploring a sensual side of the circus. O is an aquatic performance of acrobatics and lyrical theatre. Volta is a show about the freedom to choose self acceptance. Ka is characterized as an epic story of adventure and love. Lastly, Crystal is an ice skating performance that challenges the laws of gravity with never-before-seen acrobatics.

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