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Ticketmaster fees vs. SonicSeats no fees, lower prices, free shipping

Compare prices after Ticketmaster's fees is the only website that sells real time tickets with free shipping and no service fees. No Ticketmaster fan codes, discount codes, or promo codes needed!

Let us show you what we mean. If you go to and look for tickets to Waitress on May 25, 2019, in Massachusetts, although tickets may initially look cheaper on Ticketmaster, when you get to checkout and enter all your shipping and billing information, you will see a higher price compared to SonicSeats:

Ticketmaster Price:

Higher price with Ticketmaster's added fees

SonicSeats Price:

Lower price with no hidden fees on SonicSeats

You might think the other site is cheaper. However, oftentimes people looking for the best price for tickets get thrown off by drip pricing.

Ticketmaster charges $23.49 per ticket for service fees. The total for a pair of tickets to this show is $290.98.

On SonicSeats there are no service charges or fees, so the total is $260.00.

Those tickets that looked cheaper on Ticketmaster actually cost 12% MORE than they do on SonicSeats due to Ticketmaster’s fees!

At SonicSeats, we believe in providing straightforward pricing with no hidden fees, as seen by how Trustpilot rates our customer satisfaction:

Trustpilot Ratings

SonicSeats has a 4 star Trustpilot rating and a TrustScore of 7.4, compared to Ticketmaster’s 1 star Trustpilot rating and TrustScore of 0.6.

You will also find SonicSeats conspicuously missing from consumer complaint websites, while Ticketmaster appears with a 1 star customer satisfaction rating on, for example.

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