Do you hate service fees? We do, too!

How SonicSeats is changing the ticket industry

Have you noticed that on other ticketing sites you pick your tickets, you go to checkout, you fill in all your shipping and billing information, and ONLY then — BAM! — the price auto updates to something 10%, 20%, or maybe 30% or more higher than what you thought you were paying? That’s called drip pricing and online retailers use it because they know you’re already invested enough in the purchase process to finish the transaction even after they add on all those hidden fees. It’s an effective tactic for getting the sale, but it likely leaves you feeling swindled by the experience. Just like you, we don’t think that’s right.

On there are NO HIDDEN FEES. Ever. No convenience fees. No service charges. No shipping fees. Just competitive prices that are actually what you’ll pay in checkout.

How do we do it? runs on extra low margins with little budget for advertising. We rely on satisfied customers to help get the word out through reviews, social media, blogs, or just telling friends and family about their experience.

We also curate inventory using special standards so the tickets you buy will be delivered to you within minutes. The automated processing cuts costs, which means you get your tickets fast AND at a great price. Other sites may offer access to a wider selection of inventory, but only provides real-time inventory with no service charges and free shipping.

For years you’ve been telling the industry you want reasonably priced tickets delivered fast with no extra fees. We heard you, and we hope you’ll find the SonicSeats experience is the answer you’ve been looking for.